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Patrick DIRECT - 07737 195 705


Rogate, Petersfield, GU31 5HH

Choosing your wedding photographer carefully is important, they need to melt into the background with discretion and be unobtrusive, but still be able to be fun and direct your guests with charm when needed. I can inject both creativity and enthusiasm as your special day unfolds, capturing the little moments and memories, as well as the key parts of the day.

As well as the modern fashion for reportage and informal shots, I will go through an extensive range of suggested classic poses for groups and family shots with you beforehand. Timings are one of the things to be very aware of in the smooth running of the day and the photographer should be integral to help in this with a well thought out and agreed structure to the photography.

All of my finished digital files are fully scrutinised, edited and bought to life using my own special analysis script, and then presented and hosted on this site for you to download, tell your family and friends to look in or gather favourites and ask me to design a photo book or beautiful collage printed wall hangings or framed pictures for you to enjoy for years to come.

Send me an email requesting my pdf weddings brochure with more information and current prices. I'm looking forward to hearing from you..... Patrick 

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