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I was up in remote North West Wales recently and had occasion to call into the Pen Llyn Lusitano Stud, in Llaniestyn. Like all stable yards it was busy with riders preparing their horses for a ride out on the narrow country tracks of tall sided dry stone walls, covered in decades or centuries of swaying grasses, Foxgloves and wild flowers. With sandy beaches to trek towards and views of Snowdonia and even Ireland on a clear day, its no wonder the yard is buzzing and popular.

But it was for the beautiful Lusitanos that I had come to photograph. A horse breed from the Iberian Peninsula, so widely well regarded, so universally admired for its athleticism, intelligence, agility and grace, it is difficult to find anyone who knows of their refined elegance, not to be in awe of them.

The Pen Llyn Lusitano Stud has been run by Marcia Pendlebury since 1994, and breeds some of the highest quality Lusitanos in the country.

As the horses were brought to the large indoor mirrored arena, I was able to position my self centrally with camera as they went through their exercise and training, which is quite something to watch. Precise steps and poise, prancing foot work, and absolute exactitude in order to maintain the faithfulness of these ‘Sons Of The Wind’.

The horses are seen around the country and regularly show in disciplined classical displays to music and town parades and country shows. My morning there was an education into this wonderful 3000 year old breed, and photos can be seen HERE

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