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Up at the top of West Wales

Rule of thirds

I am right up in the top left-hand corner of Northwest Wales at the end of the Llyn Peninsula and behind me is Bardsey Island which is an old island of pilgrimage going back many centuries it’s your last stop before you get to Ireland.

And it got me thinking that if you were to take a picture of an island on a bright sparkly day like today, lots of lovely colour, lines, texture, to make the most impact to the viewer,  where would you want to position it in the photograph?

The so called Rule of Thirds is made by four lines, horizontally and vertically that divide the aspect ratio into 9 sections in an image. Where they intersect is a mind pleasing position to place a subject, often leaving space for the viewer to look further into the picture.

So if we  place our island for example in the top left top we get a much more interesting visual impact. We enter the picture from the top left, see the island, get drawn down to the foreground and finally leave bottom right. 

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