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Funny how the weeks roll into months and the months roll into years.

It's SO easy for years to pile up in a porch corner, just like leaves, and suddenly, there are more of them than you ever could have thought possible, just a short time ago.

Its a bit like that with portrait photography, the visual portrait is potent and influential, it reminds, stirs and evokes. And yet, too many people have so few photos of themselves and their family looking their very best. I am lucky because in my family there are literally thousands and thousands of family photographs stretching back to the 1870's and I have enjoyed  reflecting on them many times over the years.

There is only one YOU, only one 2021, and only one NOW.  

Alas, procrastination IS the thief of time, and what quick time travellers we all are...... perhaps it is time to just FREEZE, and TAKE, a time stopping moment, and celebrate the family, the kids, the parents, US, NOW.

Because sometimes if you don't just STOP, the moment has gone, the year has gone, and Father Time has already wandered further down the lane not bothering to look back because he knows you will follow him...!

Governments, societies and even countries will come and go but it's only ever really been about who we are, and who we love.....

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