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Digital Whaaat ?

I was thinking...  20th Jan 21

Digital art is born from science and technology. The technological revolution has undeniably changed the worlds capability to communicate with itself and find expression in new and creative ways.

A digitally produced photograph should only be seen in context of its evolutionary history. As traditional photography emerged out of the art world of painting and drawing ( painting with light! ) so has moving image film emerged out of photography, and digital image is the child of computerization.

The technological journey of discovery is in its infancy, and I am quite sure we will experience a myriad of exciting artistic ingenuity before this century is closed.

As with all new germination of invention, acceptance and recognition is slow, and reluctant. Perhaps especially in the Arts. But, galleries and museums have been increasingly more willing to embrace digitally produced art works, in recent years, not just on a photographic medium but also in sculpture, laser projection, video loops, interactive computer controlled lighting, virtual reality, etc.

An exploration into the currently perceived value of these new forms of expression of image, would be both inspiring and enjoyable.

Questions to be addressed

1. To what extent are museums and galleries now accepting digital image art exhibits.

2. What are the criteria for acceptance and inclusion?

3. What are the key arguments for integration of digital art image in main stream artistic consciousness?

4. Does the public perception of this differ from that of academics?

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