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Complete Branding Service

As a professional photographer of 14 years with a background in theatrical arts, I help businesses inspire, create, and grow their clientele through evocative sets of marketing photographs which portray their unique brand and make them stand out as market leaders in their sphere. By accurate positioning through thoughtful photography with a bank of targeted, branded imagery tailored to your unique business, I can save businesses time and increase visibility, grow mind set and confidence, help you to tell your business story, and ultimately, improve productivity.

How can Branding Images work for your business ?

Personal Brand Photography – the art of using high quality images and visuals to tell the story of your brand and business, Personal and Branding is the practise of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.

Entrepreneurs are turning themselves into brands to create a more powerful presence.

Branding - Its essential the ongoing process of establishing an impression in the minds of others. Its ensuring that all the messages you put out there, are in line with your brand values and mission, and they are exactly what your ideal client wants to hear and is attracted to.

Consumers want to do business with people they know like and trust So having strong brand visuals that consistently portray the right message, impression, feelings and tones to your ideal client is crucial.

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Benefits and Features of Brand Photography

Increase levels of "know like and trust" in your audience 

Increase visibility, awareness and presence both off and online

Accurately portray your brand story, mission, personality and values

Enables brand to stand out from competition, stand out in a crowded market place, and showcase their unique properties and personality

Attract more clients, the ideal clients, get more bookings, sell more products, make more money. Attract more attention from collaborators, investors, strategic alliances.

Increase levels of confidence and self worth. Clients regularly say how much more confident they feel, more empowered in their own business.

Higher levels of clarity as to where you are going with your business. Feel clearer with your own products and how they are portrayed

Feel more professional and business like, feel in control of business. Alters perceptions of own business, clients have reported taking themselves and their business more seriously.

Saves time and stress. No longer having to search and scrabble for stock images or badly taken selfies as they have a ready made bank of images to pull from at your fingertips

After your branding photography session - you will

Have a collection of carefully curated images for all your social media profiles that highlight your mission and brand values.

Save yourself time by scheduling your posts in advance. Your images are cropped and sized for your usual platforms so you spend less time on social media and more time working on your business.

Use you tailored bank of imagers for on and off line marketing social media, website, email marketing presentations and pitches, profile images on any software eg. Zoom, WhatsApp etc.

Also use for your printed marketing materials including business cards, brochures, leaflets, posters, video backdrops, office wall art

You will feel more confident about sharing photographs of yourself.

Enhance and strengthen your brand’s presence through custom imagery. Attract your ideal clients through your targeted brand message.

How does it work?

Once your interest is registered I like to get on a Zoom call with you and find out about your business. How do you see your brand now, what is your story, mission, personality and values.

There is a little bit of home work for you to do. I ask you to complete my brand work book and create a Pinterest board of images that you feel represent you and speak to your business ethos. These might include teams, products, colours and brand presentation, even personality incidentals that resonate to your business.

With these two assets we then book a shoot consultation when we construct and tailor the shoot. Careful planning of locations, scenes, people involved, products prepped and clothes and hairstyles considered, all to get the very most of the time and make your images really work for you.

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