Patrick Kilian

Equine and evocative photographic imagery by
Patrick Kilian B.A. hons


Capturing the essential you, and turning it to beautiful albums,desk top photographs and large wall art. 

Equine photographic art and stylised story telling through pictures.

Digital manipulation, Limited Edition art prints and framing.

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Feel the love of you horse, pony, hobby, sport. Forget the day job..Express the REAL you.

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Meet the photographer

Light In The Black is owned and run by 'Nikon Discovery Award' winning photographer Patrick Kilian BA(hons) "I have always loved image, design and individual expression". Formerly a professional stage and television actor, for over 25 years, I am now on the other side of the lens and can appreciate your fears, desires and aspirations of your shoot. I just love what I do and would love to work with you to fulfil your ideas and dreams.

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